Øystein Djupvik

Øystein is the team's driver. He can usually be seen driving to work in Sunnfjord, flying low over Hemsedal, driving through rush hour traffic in Tehran, or spending time together with his friends – preferably at a place where they serve carbonated drinks. Øystein Djupvik was previously a NATO soldier, manager of a sports equipment store, and a local politician. The 41 year old has an economics degree and is currently employed as a controller with Transferd, a major transportation company in western Norway.

On Twitter: @oysteindjupvik

Favorite quote: «It’s a 30 minute drive. I'll be there in 10.»

Favorite food: Ceviche

Favorite team: Liverpool

Born: March 13th, 1974, Høyanger

From: Naustdal, Sogn and Fjordane

Earlier places of residence:London, Oslo

Number of countries driven through:   Around 30. 18 of those were on the same day

Last road trip: 2500 kilometres through Iran. With broken ribs as a result of a minor snowboarding accident i the Iranian mountains.

Favorite city: Amsterdam

Biggest fear: Swiss photo booths.

Hobbies: Traveling, snowboarding, diving

Is against:Dumping mining waste into the Førdefjorden

World records: Most countries visited in 24 hours (19) along with Tay and Gunnar

Most countries driven through in 24 hours (18)