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About to visit 20 states in 24 hours

Globetrotters Gunnar Garfors, Tay-young Pak and Øystein Djupvik attempt a new world record, this time in the USA. September 20th marks the start of their attempt to visit the most states in 24 hours ever. The current record of 19 states is from 2003.

The restless trio spent a year planning the trip and believe they have every base covered.   Garfors is the leader of the expedition and expects a tight schedule. 

"We'll need favorable winds, downward slopes and a bit of luck to beat the current record, but we're confident in our preparation", he smiles. 

He's well known both in Norway and abroad for his extensive traveling, and for being the youngest to visit every country in the world while working a full time job. In July he published a book about his travels: "198: How I Ran Out of Countries».

He brought along his driver, Djupvik, and photographer Pak. One year ago, the three Norwegian friends were all over the press after having achieved their first world record.  They visited 19 European countries in 24 hours. Below is a small overview of the coverage.

"We've been training hard for this trip, and hope for a happy ending. We had to make smart decisions and push ourselves to the limit – not the speed limit, of course. Hopefully we'll live to tell the story afterwards", Djupvik says.

Pak has been warming up by spending a month in Somalia, Angola, Djibouti and other countries in Africa with little tourism. He has a passion for food and fishing, and is on his way to visiting every country in the world.

"I look forward to traveling a bit more comfortably in the United States. I still have a few countries left to visit in South America as well.

How many states have you visited in a single day? And how many do you reckon the trio can manage? You can even bet on the event with their sponsor ComeOn! at


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