The Record is Broken- But the show goes on!

At 03.44 the Recordrunners crossed the boarder from Arkansas to Missouri, and the World Record is broken. 20 States in 24 hours! But there is still two hours left of the attempt, no reason to surrender!

Published: 09/21/2015 Updated: 02/19/2016
- In good sport, we are nowhere near being finished. We want to achieve as many states as possible in 24 hours. We still got some time to cross over to more states. This show is not over, Gunnar Garfors states

The Recordrunners started in Maine 06.20 Eastern time Sunday morning the 20th of September. So this means that all states covered by 06.10 eastern time the 21st of September still counts in the record run. The question now is, how many states - and were to?

- We are on our way to Kentucky at the moment. And not to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken! Gunnar Garfors says in a comment.