Nothing is going to stop us now

With a little help the RecordrunUSA-team made it through the most difficult part of their world record-attempt Sunday evening. Both North and South Carolina were covered and the team arrived in Huntsville, Alabama close to midnight.

Published: 09/21/2015 Updated: 02/19/2016

Travels at this point were by far the most dangerous part of the trip. Dependant on two flights, one from from Dulles,Virginia to Charlotte, North Carolina. Thereafter getting help from a local taxi-driver to get into South Carolina and back to Charlotte where they were able to catch a new flight flight to Huntsville Alabama.


- Luckily, this time around there were no delays and everything went smooth from Dulles to Charlotte, to Hunstville, Alabama. Sunday`s are a busy day on domestic flights in USA, but both airports got excellent staff and everything went according to plan. Gunnar Garfors said

This also means the RecordrunUSA-team have no more flights to catch on their route. Garners & co are entering their last four hours of the world record-attempt looking to get at least three more states. Gunnar Garfors and his team is hitting the open highway with confidence that there is almost nothing that can stop them now.

- We determine our own fate at this point. There is no more flights that can delay us, and we are no longer dependant on external  partners. The only thing that can stop us now is ourselves. But Øystein is used to this type of travel now and have gotten som hours sleep since he parked our rental in Dulles, say an optimistic Garfors.