Entering New York at record pace!

The Recordrun-crew are constantly putting new states behind them at record pace!

Published: 09/20/2015 Updated: 09/20/2015

Since the start at 12:15 ( Norwegian time ) Sunday 20th. Garners & co have now been through seven US-states - and is now in New York!


- We are well ahead of schedule to beat the world record. Although we were spat on by lamas in Connecticut we´re keeping our gunpowder dry and firing away against new states! smiles Gunnar Garfors .


Garfors , Tay -young Pak and Øystein Djupvik must visit at least 20 states in 24 hours to beat the current world record.


So far the globetrotters have visited the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont and are currenctly in New York.


- I would not be afraid to put money on us beating the world record at this time, admits Gunnar - knowing that sponsor have put up a betting list on their record attempt.


The state of New York is actually the fourth most populous in the United States and the main page is not New York City , but considerably smaller town of Albany ( 95 ooo inhabitants) !