Back on track – but a lot of drama for Recordrunners

This morning our Recordrunners set of from Maine, and are now ready to board a flight from Dulles to Charlotte. This means they are half way there and have already visited 13 states.

Published: 09/21/2015 Updated: 02/19/2016

But this has not been without drama of any kind. Even tough the #RecordrunUSA got of to a good start things did not look to good around noon. The the team had to wait for a delayed flight from Albany to Philadelphia. At one point Gunnar Garfors even offered travelers on a different flight  to switch tickets with the team, but he ended up empty handed. One volunteer showed up, but the team needed three tickets, so they ended up waiting it out and loosing almost an hour of time.

Luckily the team did not have to choose a alternative route. And once reaching Philadelphia, the team once again got back on track. Thanks to friendly american roads with a lot of easy stretches - and just some minor problems along the way.


So over half way there. And a lot more fun to come. Follow us.