Airport drama

The team arrived at Albany Airport New York with narrow margins earlier today, but in good faith that everything were going according to plan.

Published: 09/20/2015 Updated: 09/20/2015

On arrival at the airport the Recordrunners ran past security and excused themselves to other travellers and annoyed the security guards. But got through on time. Just to realise on the other side of the security control, that their flight was delayed.

Ant not only delayed. The flight were delayed by over an hour, and pending possible further delay`s.

- What ran through our heads at first were naturally if this could be it. But we were off course not were near beaten and we started to look for alternative solutions to get back on track. Because if a flight is delayed, it is very often more delayed later on. Said Gunnar Garfors in a comment.

A struggle against the clock started immidiatly. Gunnar tried changing the teams tickets, and Øystein were sweetalking the airport personell. Tay were in the middle and reporting back to the head quarters in New York were there also were frenetic work to find solutions. In the end however no alternative solutions were found. But luckily the flight from Philladelphia to Albany gained speed in the air.

- We finally got onboard, and are hoping that the flight will gain even more time to Philladelphia. We have lost a lot of our spare time on this, but we still belive that the record will be broken. If the flight had been delayed as long as we fared, we would not stand a chance. But I am confident that this loss is not something we can not catch up with.