Gunnar Garfors

Gunnar is known as one of Norway's foremost globetrotters, having visited each of the world's 198 countries. He works as a DAB broadcasting consultant at NRK and is the radio host of a travel competition three days a week, where he also provides travel documentaries. In 2014 his first book was published: «198: Mi reise til alle verdas land». It is now available in English under the name «198: How I Ran Out of Countries». Gunnar Garfors began his career as a journalist. He also runs the travel website  

On Twitter/Instagram:   @garfors

Favorite quote:«Easy is boring.»

Favorite food:Oysters

Favorite team:Tottenham

Born:May 29th, 1975, Hammerfest

From: Naustdal, Sogn and Fjordane

Earlier places of residence: Havøysund, Dublin, Førde, Lawrenceburg (USA), Falmouth (United Kingdom), Bergen,                                                               Copenhagen, Oslo, Taipei

Number of countries driven through: Around 50

Recent destinations: The Antarctic, Chile, Argentina, Iran, South Korea, Croatia, United Kingdom and Skjomen

Favorite city: Seoul

Biggest fears: Waiting in line. Unnecessary bureaucracy

Hobbies:Traveling, food, outdoor activities

Is against:Air charter and dumping mining waste into the Førdefjorden

World records:   Youngest person to have visited every country in the world while working a full time job

Visited five continents in 24 hours along with Adrian Butterworth

Most countries visited in 24 hours (19) along with Tay and Øystein

The first to visit every county in Norway in a single day, along with his brother Øystein